Сontroversial text

Сontroversial text

Following the current UI design trends charts, I have checked some 
of them and would like to add personal notes and opinions.
Yes! It is an invitation to discuss and argue.

#1 Dark Mode
It saves the battery if the device uses an OLED or AMOLED screen.
It is better in terms of the readability of the text.
It is better for reducing eye strain while using the device at night.
It reduces the screen glare and minimizes blue lights. 
Opinion: I love it! For outdoor used screens – a must.

#2 Neumorphism
Neumorphism combines flat design and skeuomorphism. It allows for 
a soft, extruded plastic look and almost 3D styling.
Neuromorphic UI’s are elegant; there is no doubt about that. 
Opinion: Looks excellent and suitable for bragging on Behance.
Doesn’t play nice with basic usability principles. It almost kills intuitiveness and accessibility.

#3 Animations
Designers can utilize UI animations to enhance the user experience 
by guiding the flow much better than a static graphic. It is an immersive way for mobile apps to convey messages to the user without using modals and banners.
Opinion: Go, learn how to implement together: designer and developer. 
If you still have not, try using Lottie animations.

#4 Advanced micro-interactions
Micro interaction exists in every software application, and we use it every time while using different applications. 
Advanced micro-interactions such as gestures and touchless controls bring new opportunities to crafting a more intuitive experience. 
Opinion: Learn how to. It must be backed by the technology solutions and discussed with developers upfront.

#5 Bold Typography
I was sure that this trend had gone, but…
Bold typography is one of the easiest ways to grab users’ attention. 
Bold typography stands out from its surroundings and demands to be read. But it has to be an integral (and integrated) part of the overall aesthetic. 
Opinion: Not suitable for most of the cases you will serve. Excellent 
for typography but less usable in classic UI.

Image courtesy of Amblin Entertainment

#6 Smooth gradients
The reign of smooth gradients is in full swing. 
Microsoft’s fluent design system and the new design approach by Apple 
in macOS Big Sur are two of the big pushes in gradient-based designs. Google also joined the party with redesigned logos of Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, and Meet. 
Opinion: it is about aesthetics, but not functionality, most of the time. 
Use infrequently.

#7 3D is everywhere
3D designs have been attracting users for the last couple of years. Despite some drawbacks on memory consumption, 3D is trending 
in mobile and web applications.
In 2022 3D will continue to thrive, especially seeing VR and AR technologies’ rising popularity. 
Opinion: Get used to it, obtain 3d artists for your team, and use them thoughtfully.

#8 Empty and error states illustration
Errors are scary, and emptiness is dull.
But they both are an integral part of a software application. 
So UX/UI professionals are taking a step forward to make them more exciting and comfortable. 
Opinion: I love it. Usually, propose my design team go crazy on this one.

#9 Design system
This trend is about discipline in design, and it’s not new. 
More and more companies are getting serious about unified design experience and building their design system. 
Opinion: It is difficult to ignite the process, but the outcome will give you a pace in the design delivery and help bigger teams to collaborate. 
I am struggling to implement it in a project studio paradigm.

#10 Remote and virtual collaboration
We are all (mostly) working from home. 
Small to large companies are adopting this new culture so fast. 
So, the demand for remote and virtual tools and services is skyrocketing. The design of the latest and old services is revamping while prioritizing virtual collaboration. 
Opinion: Post-covid must-have. Try and use different tools for online collaboration, such as Figma, Miro, Google docs, etc. 
Don’t forget that we are still living people and, most of the time, willing to meet humans in person.

There are indeed more trends to be discussed, and only 5 of them are here.
What is your opinion? Which significant UX/UI trend should be mandatory in this list?

Image courtesy of gamingstreet.com

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