Accessibility Statement – LET ME Design and Development Ltd Website

LET ME Design and Development Ltd. (hereinafter also “the Company“) considers the issue of accessibility for people with disabilities to be of important value. Accordingly, the Company invests considerable resources in order for relevant content on the Company’s website to be viewed accessibly.

  • Physical accessibility of Company site and their adaptation to the needs of people with disabilities, who have permission to visit the sites.
  • LET ME Ltd offices are situated inside the Rooms Modiin coworking space. Thus, to this fact, all activities and preparations for physical engagement are Rooms Modiin’s responsibility. In addition, there is no public reception in LET ME offices.
  • Adapting recruitment procedures that allow candidates with disabilities to compete equally for the many diverse jobs the Company offers. 
  • Implementing individual adjustments for employees with disabilities in order to enable them to perform their tasks while maximizing their personal abilities in an equal manner.

We believe that accessibility is a part of the professional and business environment, and we are committed to promoting equality for people with disabilities at LET ME.

Inquiries and requests regarding accessibility can be directed to the accessibility coordinator listed below.

Mr. Boris Shapiro Phone: 052-9257663 Email:

Details of accommodations in buildings and accessibility coordinators at LET ME

  • Traffic of visitors within the site and building is limited to defined areas.
  • Company visitors will be accompanied by a LET ME representative who can assist with guidance and orientation.
  • Visitors with guide dogs are allowed in without any need for prior arrangement.
  • LET ME doesn’t possess any parking lots for visitors. The nearest parking lot is fully accessible according to Israeli regulations.

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Accessibility Adjustments in the candidates’ recruitment process

LET ME places importance on recruiting employees who are people with disabilities and takes measures to enable candidates with disabilities to undergo tailored recruitment processes. For this purpose, a variety of measures will be made available to the candidates, the purpose of which is to remove barriers, provide an equal opportunity, and present their abilities and skills within the screening processes. If you are a candidate who needs an adjustment in the recruitment process, kindly contact the Accessibility Manager or our COO (contacts are the following): Ms. Alla Shapiro Phone: 054-4395989 Email:

The accessibility adjustments LET ME offers/enables are detailed below.

Important to know: Some adjustments require coordination and sometimes time to get organized. If you need other/additional adjustments, you may contact us, as stated above, and we will make efforts to ensure you can use these and other aids. This coordination will allow you and the Company to focus on your suitability as a candidate for employment in the Company.

  • Hearing aids
  • Transcription of voice information orally or in writing
  • Sign language translation, coordination, and written chats
  • Conversion of visual information into audio information
  • Accompaniment in Company sites for orientation and guidance
  • Conversion of visual tests into oral tests
  • Use of warning and guidance means for visually impaired people in the Company office.
  • Possibility to use a guide dog in all areas throughout the recruitment process.
  • Use of dedicated SW to convert text to voice.
  • Screening procedures in Company sites accessible and adapted for people with mobility disabilities, including:
    • Accessible parking
    • Accessible elevators
    • Accessible toilets
    • Adapted maneuvering and movement spaces.
    • Adapted service stations.

Accessibility Adjustments on the LET ME Website

This website is accessible to individuals with disabilities, in accordance with IS 5568 Web accessibility standards (Parts 1 and 2), which is based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), 2.0 Level, developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in 2008.

Navigation and navigation aids
  • The full site navigation is located on every page.
  • A link to the home page is available on each page.
  • Navigation menus are marked as HTML lists and styled with CSS.
  • The site is accessible to JAWS and NVDA screen readers and with smartphones: VoiceOver for iOS and TalkBack for Android.
  • For the best web-surfing experience, we recommend using Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  • Some links have title attributes, which describe the link in greater detail. Most links are self-explanatory.
  • Links are written so as to make sense out of the context.
  • Some links, mostly to downloadable files such as PDFs, open a new browser window.
  • When the site is viewed in a text-only browser, the ‘skip to content’ link becomes visible at the top of each page.
  • Forms have labels explicitly associated with their controls, aiding users of certain screen readers and speech browsers.
Assistance with finding content

It should be noted that we do our best to improve the accessibility of the website. In case you encounter any problem or malfunction regarding accessibility – please contact and update us via the following email address –, and we will make every effort to find an appropriate solution as soon as possible.