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Before You Code: Understand Business Goals or Play the Expensive Guessing Game

Hey, digital leaders! 🚀 You’ve seen it: a shiny new app that looks marvelous and runs smoothly but… doesn’t do much. Ever wondered why? It probably skipped the essential step of understanding business goals. Yes, even before doodling those snazzy design concepts or penning down a single line of code.

Imagine baking a cake for someone’s birthday without knowing their favorite flavor. 🎂 You might end up with a strawberry delight for a chocolate lover. Oops!

Know Your Audience:

You’re building a digital product, but for whom? It’s not just about demographics but also psychographics. Dive deep and understand their needs, preferences, and perhaps even what they binge-watch on weekends (kidding, unless…?).

Identify User Pain Points:

Every product, digital or not, solves a problem. Or at least it should. If you’re developing a digital product without understanding what issues it addresses, it’s like throwing a dart blindfolded. You may hit the mark, but chances are, you won’t.

Clearly Define Business Goals:

Ask yourself, why is this product crucial for your business? Is it to increase revenue, enhance brand reputation, or engage users in a new, unique way? Knowing this will guide your design and development process, ensuring you’re always on track.

So, CEOs, VPs, and everyone making the big decisions: next time you’re thrilled about a new digital venture, pause. Take a deep breath and understand the ‘Why’ before the ‘How.’ Trust us; this insight will save you from the strawberry-chocolate dilemma.

And if you ever need help finding yourself in the vast sea of business goals, user needs, and digital strategies, remember, we’re here for you. Contact us so we can grab a coffee and discuss what business value we could provide for you and your business. ☕️💼

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