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Covid19 is out, and conferences and meet-ups are in…

These days we are all attending a significant number of conferences and meet-ups.
Why? First, because we can, and the second… would be more complicated.In my experience, conferences differ most from meet-ups with:
Extensive open sessions in halls and small meeting rooms for private discussions.
Technical help during the conference.
Host, sponsor, and organizers presentations.
Rooms have to be equipped with sound and projection facilities.
More significant budget funds to maintain financial risk, organizational issues, and retention of profits for particular members.
A website with several social media accounts connected.
An intense and expensive marketing campaign with (sometimes) sales departments involved in the sale and lead generation process.
Host, sponsors, and organizers presentations.
Meet-ups tend to be more laid-back, with a shorter list of participants.
I feel that most cases (of course, that describe only events I attend) are more about recruiting and collaboration. Still, conferences are more business-oriented, brand aware, and mature feel.
Both are pleasing ways of meeting people; one could find that one-time opportunity in both formats. 
For me, it is three goals more than others:
To meet interesting people.
To present me (and my company, of course)
To find new collaborations and projects.
Yes, precisely in this order.

But probably you have a different opinion and other goals.
Care to share?

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