LET ME celebrates Hanukka 2023

From the LET ME Team in Israel and Around the Globe

As the LET ME team, both in Israel and worldwide, celebrates Hanukkah, we reflect on the timeless message of this cherished festival. Hanukkah is not just a story of a historic triumph; it’s a continuous reminder of resilience, courage, and the enduring power of hope.
Each candle we light is a tribute to the spirit of the Maccabees, whose bravery centuries ago continues to inspire us. It’s also a salute to our contemporary heroes—the brave individuals who, in various ways, protect, serve, and contribute to the victory today. Their dedication mirrors the Maccabees’ resilience and reminds us that the flame of courage burns brightly in every generation.
This Hanukkah, as our candles cast a warm glow, let them also light up our aspirations for a future filled with security, happiness, and success. May the menorah’s lights remind us of our shared history and collective strength.
From Israel to the far reaches of the globe, our LET ME team joins in this festive celebration, uniting in spirit and hope. Together, we look forward to a season of joy and a continued journey towards triumphs and achievements.
May this Hanukkah be a beacon of light and happiness for you and your loved ones. Chag Sameach from all of us at LET ME!

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