LET ME Team in Jaffa

When discussing what to do together at the LET ME Design and Development LTD quarterly Israeli team meeting, we chose that we would like to put some added value to the traditional meal together.
This time we found ourselves with a super professional guide walking the alleys and backyards of the American Colony in Jaffa, Israel.
I lived over 30 years at Hollyland but was never presented with this urban gem and a little bit of a surrealistic vibe.
The American–German Colony is a residential neighborhood in the southern part of Tel Aviv-Yafo. It is located between Eilat Street and HaRabbi MiBacherach Street and adjoins Neve Tzedek. It was initially established as an American colony. Still, when that failed, it was resettled and became a German Templer colony, which evolved into a mixed German Protestant colony.
We started next to the Gesher Theater entrance; we wandered through the neighborhood, listened to the stories, checked old and renovated buildings, and endeavored to the feel and taste of the community.
Big thanks to our guide – Olga Andreev, and the team that gathered on Friday morning. It was lovely to meet your family and share that morning.

What would your suggestion be for an unusual area for discovery in Israel?

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