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Nearshore – is it write for us

Unpredictable timeline? Costly specialists? Planning processes with the current fluctuations of the market are demanding. A nearshore service company may be the right solution for you.
“Nearshore” refers to outsourcing business processes or projects to companies in countries close to the client’s country. The main advantage of nearshoring is that it allows companies to work with partners in the same or similar time zones, which can help facilitate communication and collaboration. Additionally, nearshoring can often provide cost savings compared to hiring in-house staff or outsourcing to companies farther away.
Having said that, we can find companies providing software design and development services in the same country but with a geographic variety of specialists. This way, for example, the management of the service-providing company is situated in Israel, but part of the team works from other countries near the Jerusalem timezone. The close connection and collaboration are still strong, but the effectiveness for the client is better.
In addition to serving Israeli customers, a nearshore company in Israel can also provide services to customers in other countries, such as the UAE. Providing it has a network of experts in Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, and other countries in the nearshore EMEA region to offer services in different languages and near time zones. This makes it a flexible and reliable partner for companies seeking nearshore outsourcing solutions.

Middle-Earth Ancient Map

Would you consider employing such a service if it had a guaranteed delivery date, the highest quality outcomes, and was also efficient for your business?

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