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The Art of Presentation Design: Tools for Designers

Branding and marketing presentations are about more than just displaying work. It’s storytelling, making an impact, and engaging your audience. Here, we uncover tools and tactics to design compelling pitches.

1. PowerPoint: Time-Tested Tool

PowerPoint remains essential for many. It’s not just about using it but mastering it.

Morph Transition: Creates fluid transitions.

Designer Ideas: AI-driven design suggestions.

2. Prezi: Beyond Traditional Slides

Prezi’s non-linear format lets you zoom across a canvas, which is ideal for detailing the macro and micro aspects.

3. Canva: Simplified Design

Known for graphic design, Canva’s presentation mode is a treasure. It offers stunning visuals without the complexities.

4. Keynote: Apple’s Sophistication

Apple’s Keynote stands out with its magic move transition and Apple Pencil annotation capabilities.

5. Storytelling Essentials

Every slide tells part of your story. Key elements include:

Context: Setting the stage.

Conflict: Highlighting challenges.

Resolution: Proposing solutions.

6. Crafting the Perfect Slide

A presentation is a journey. Its success lies in the slide design and content flow:

Slide Hierarchy: Prioritize information visually.

Consistency: Uniform fonts, colors, and design keep focus.

Whitespace: Utilize negative space for clarity.

Engaging Visuals: Use graphics for better understanding.

Progression Logic: Ensure a smooth, logical flow.


Tools are starters; the essence of a stellar presentation is content, structure, and delivery. At LET ME, we excel in product design and development but are equally adept at branding and marketing design. We’re here if you need a design partner who resonates with your story.

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